Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Exactly one week from now, I will be on a plane to Ireland. Wow, that's a shot of anxiety as I write that. I should really make sure the non-beer related parts of my trip are arranged before I go.

The last time I was overseas was almost 10 years ago and it's not something I have a chance to do very often. When the opportunity arose, I thought I ought to go to my favorite country on the planet. Not having been there since I was barely old enough to drink, though, I'm all ears (or eyes*, as it were) on can't-miss places in Ireland. I'm sure I'll blog as much as possible upon my return. Right now we have on the list: the Porterhouse, Messrs Maguire, The Franciscan Well (Cork), The Guinness storehouse, and quite a laundry list of non-beer related places to go.

*Not a great mental image


  1. How long are you there for?

    In Dublin, the Bull and Castle is a must. The Czech Inn for some good Czech lager. If you can get to Galway, the King's Head is excellent, and they have Galway Hooker I believe. If you can find Clotworthy Dobbin then make sure you do so. Also, Trouble Brewing make a couple of good beers apparently. Then there are O'Hara's and Dungarvan to hunt out.

  2. Thanks for the tips Velky Al. That's quite a help.
    I'll be there for 2 weeks. Hopefully long enough to see most of what I'd like (but probably not everything). Gonna try to spend time in Dublin, Galway, and Cork.

  3. Don't miss The Bierhaus in Cork; L. Mulligan Grocer, The Bull & Castle and Against the Grain in Dublin and The Salt House in Galway. You'll find them all (and more) on Beermapping.


  4. Thanks Beer Nut! I certainly appreciate the pointers from anyone as educated on the subject as you.
    I was just looking at the Salt House online. Looks great. Cheers

  5. Big fan of Irish Craft beer, something we don't get a lot of over here. TBN's defo the font of knowledge! I;ve enjoyed Whitewater's beers, as well as Porterhouse, and I would keep an eye out for Dungarvon too. They look wonderful.

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