Monday, January 31, 2011

Discovery's How beer Saved the World

The Discovery channel seems to be pretty interested in programs about beer lately. And I seem to be writing about them a lot. Last night they premiered "How Beer Saved the World" which was a one hour single program about beer. Mostly it furthered incorrect stereotypes about beer. The ubiquitous Ben Franklin misquote made an appearance, of course. It was a cliff notes version of beer history from the Egyptians to present day. The most shocking thing about it is that it was an obvious, wholesale advert for MillerCoors. That fact might go a ways to explain why they completely skipped over prohibition and the temperance movement which gave birth to both organized crime in America, as well as shitty beer like Coors. Discovery's other beer program, Brew Masters, is as shameless an advertisement, but at least they get their facts straight.

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  1. thanks for this... I recently saw that documentary and questioned who it was produced by what their intentions where and how much of all of these wonderful facts are actually true...

    stumbled across this site in a google search for cristicm (cant spell) and am happy I did...

    cause although I would have loved to believe the documentary and all their wonderful facts it all sounded too good to be true, indeed it was.