Thursday, December 23, 2010

Notch Session Beer

I stumbled upon this brewery's website somehow. I haven't ever talked to them or tried their beer but I felt compelled to mention it. Everything about it looks fucking outstanding. I mean, session beer for the sake of session beer? It's unheard of. The image, the beer selection, everything is exactly as I would have done it if I had a million dollars that I wanted to sink into something as fraught with peril as opening a brewery. I mean, god bless them, but who on Earth would do such a thing? You're going to be competing with massive international conglomerates that make one of the most heavily regulated products in the US. It's like saying, "Hey I know, I'm gonna make some of this Tylenol stuff at home, get it through the FDA, and then sell in direct competition to Tylenol which everyone already knows and has shelf space in every grocer/pharmacy/gas station in the country". Again, god bless anyone who picks up the sword to fight that battle. I'd love to join in, but as mentioned, I have no money, let alone enough to even have half a chance in that industry. Cheers to you, Notch Session Beer. I'll probably never try one of your beers, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it if I did. 


  1. These guys are just the kind of brewery beer lovers should be demanding more of, rather than running around with our zythophilic knickers around our ankles looking the next great imperial high.

  2. This made my Christmas eve when it showed on my Google alerts. Notch is me, one brewer with a hell of alot of skin in the game, now brewing session beer at whatever brewery lets me. It's not quite a million dollar effort, but it's certainly swimming upstream. This mention means more than you know - it's amazing how many are invested in bullshit "innovation" gimmicks. Cheers & Happy Christmas!

  3. No trouble at all Chris, and best of luck. I wish there were more like-minded brewers out there. It seems many skip-over fundamentally good beer for gimmickry.

    And I'd be more than happy to drink any Notch Beer that you wanted to send me when it gets into bottles ;) Cheers