Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day: the Tet Offensive for beer drinkers

It is the worst day of the year for us anti-social drinkers. Beware when going outside. I have read that half a million are gathering in Dublin today to drink and celebrate. It sounds truly terrible. March the 17th is when many chose to celebrate Patrick, the former slave and patron saint of Ireland, whose holiday was originally intended as a solemn event, rather than an ass-busting, beer drinking, all day BBQ street party (despite the latter being more common for Catholic observations as I understand*).

If you are going to wear green and binge, drink something Irish, like O'Hara's  (I do love their logo and labels) rather than Guinness, Jameson Bushmill's, or Bailey's which are all nice, but are owned by mega-super global giant Diageo.

And may the Great Irish Elk guide you on this solemn day.

*not really


  1. Hope you had a good one. I managed to find a relatively unriotous corner of a Dublin pub in which to watch the rugby.

    Oh, Jameson is owned by Pernod-Ricard, btw. It's Bushmills that's Diageo's.

    1. I was wondering how you fared.

      Thanks for the correction. For some reason in my head Jameson was mixed up with Guinness and Diageo but that's not the case. I could have just walked 10 feet from the computer to check the bottle label...

  2. Love it! I unfortunately agreed to a shot of bushmills on st pattys day and woooo! A huuuuge unpleasant shock to my tastebuds that are used to beer! Not judging bushmills just its a shocking taste to beer drinker. I say go with The Knot!