Monday, August 15, 2011

A request to bars

Please, can we start serving beer in the proper glassware? Craft beer and beer bars are no longer in their infancy in this country. I go to any city of even moderate size and find a bar that offers 30 or more different taps on the chalkboard, several on cask, and even more in bottles. I can get beer from every corner of the brewing world, including that stuff that's brewed in a converted garage down the street.

I think we've outgrown the straight-sided shaker pint glass. It's fine sometimes, but if we're going to take the time to serve beer from 3 different continents (and likely at $6 a pint) it's not too much to ask to have them served in different glasses is it? One glass when you've only got one option is fine, but please, don't serve me a stout, a bitter, and a hefeweizen all in the same type of glass.


  1. I am not particularly fussed about the correct glassware, however one thing that does irk me is when beer bars serve every beer in a 16oz straight sided thing with a different brewery logo on it.

    This could be one of the reasons I like my beer in a plain, unbranded glass.

  2. I don't get my panties too twisted either, but I think it would be nice. There is something kind of charming about serving the beer in whatever glass you have around, but I'm not paying "charming" prices, so that's sort of out the window for me.

    I really enjoyed it in Ireland when all/most of my beers were served in branded glassware that seemed to be provided by the brewery or distributor or however it works over there.

  3. Breweries and distributors have had to cut back on those items significantly in the last several years due to the poor economy. I wish HauteDish could serve everything in the absolute correct type of glassware, but it is nearly impossible.

    Soon perhaps, we do have six or seven different glass options, but I would love to have more.

  4. It is a bit unfortunate.

    If you're the Tim that does the beer stuff at Haute Dish, though, you guys really do a great job there. Even just a few options is vastly superior to just one in my opinion.