Friday, June 11, 2010


World Cup Has begun! Amazing!

True, this is the only time I really care about soccer, but as someone in the US, I think it's justified. Soccer on TV is usually only available on expensive cable, but now it's everywhere so it's a perfect time to have a pint and watch a match. How delightfully continental.

Most sporting events are supported and primarly watched by people who're drinking beer, but the World Cup is one of the few sporting events where many of the competing countries are also ones with great beer and brewing history. US, Germany, England, etc. So it's also a sporting event where it would only be right to drink good beer instead of yellow piss. Humorously enough, I think Budweiser is spondoring much of the US World Cup events/what have you, but that's alright. We'll drink what we please.

Tomorrow is the US v England match and I think I'll be on hand with a pint in the afternoon. I may upload some pictures if I see anything blog-worthy.

[note: stereotypically enough, the first day of matches has finished without a single win. Really not giving World Cup haters much to argue against so far]

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